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As a local and global leader,  we provide general contractors and owners with the highest standard of safety and productivity through innovative temporary access systems.



We are transparent by sharing all relevant information that we hold. We clearly communicate our expectations and we name things that must be said with respect. We listen to people around us with openness and make sure we understand what they are sharing with us. We show generosity in our communication.


We fully want to participate in the realization and success of our vision. To reach the highest peaks, we are ready to go the extra mile and surpass us when the situation demands it.


We respect and love the people who surround us, celebrating difference, We are open to new ideas and people. We are genuine and empathic. We open our heart and vulnerability. We demonstrate integrity and honesty to all our fellow partners.


We deliver on the promise. We maintain the rhythm we have created so the team keeps a harmonious flow. We accomplish our tasks so that goals are achieved in a timely manner and challenges are addressed. I perform my work according to the procedures and best practices defined by the company.



Whether you are looking for rack and pinion elevators or work platforms, our renewed fleet will satisfy you.

Personnel Material Hoists

Designed exclusively for personnel and material up and down a structure. Our hoists have a weight capacity of 8000 pounds with a lifting speed of 300 feet per minute. Especially designed elevators with extended cabs can be accommodated for your special needs.


Our managers are there to analyze and support your needs on your most intricate projects during the various phases of construction.


Professional services performed by our skilled workforce with over 30 years of experience in the business.


Our training programs provide quality, cost-effective training designed to increase individual and organizational productivity, enrichment and safety.

Commercial & Industrial Support Services

Our industry-leading access, scaffolding, shoring systems, and tubing clamps are backed by a full range of support services for the industrial and commercial market.


Facility Manager

Words simply can’t express the level of appreciation and gratitude we feel for the DHS FRACO team’s passion and dedication as they completely outdid the task we gave them.

Facility Manager

We were impressed with DHS FRACO’s work ethic and commitment to finishing our project on time. If I had to sum up our building project with them in two words, they’d be effective and efficient.


Since 1991, we have been anticipating the access system needs of the construction industry.

The Common Platform

DHS FRACO’s Common Platform is the newest line to the DHS FRACO Safe Build Technology (SBT) family. All SBT products are developed from concept to installation with the primary focus being safety of the worker. Worker safety means so much more than just personnel fall protection.

SBT safety means simplicity, manageable components both weight and size. There are locking pins tethered to components, in lego like positions, which negates even making measurements. Perimeter sills and headers with locking pintel positions for side protection and gates. Erection systems for access with increased tie off.

This means to the worker that component pieces are easily managed, there are no loose fasteners or washers to drop, cut, or measure. There is no need for wrenches, hammers or tape measures with secured tie off point locations.

DHS FRACO’s Common Platform is an SBT which provides a stand-alone multi hoist tower platform which can host up to three dual hoists. As a stand-alone system, it creates remote landings outside the building area. To this benefit, the 3 hoist footprint on the building is reduced to 16 feet. Buildings structure’s interior fit-out can be nearly completed. Facades and curtain walls can be installed between the platform and building. This is a huge benefit that can not be obtained with standard set back structures or flush mounted hoists.

On high rise structures the lower floors can be completely fitted out while the building is hermetically sealed to maintain environmentals. Click the buttons below to learn more about our Common Platform System.

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